Monday, July 12, 2010

A little bit of history. . .

Chickoopy is a small, family-run business that resides in both Syracuse, Utah and Draper, Utah.  In the beginning, there was a desire and an idea.  It seems as though most small business owners are always searching for that "sweet spot"- the perfect melding of what you find, in life, to be cool and the desire for others to "experience" it with you.  You know, make something that will benefit their lives, and maybe the world.  A little bit of positive cash flow never hurt anyone, either.

Through the experience of starting a family-run small business, we have learned a lot.  We have learned a lot about chickens, a lot about chicken coops and a lot about ourselves.

A few things remain the same since the hatching of our little plan:  we still think chickens are cool, we still believe in striving to have a more organic family life, and we still think that backyard, egg-laying operations are the answer.

Well, we have a lot to talk about, plenty of topics to explore and a lot of information to disseminate.  Follow our blog to trace along the lines of our adventures, our missteps and our accomplishments.


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